Preschool Rancho Penasquitos

Finding The Right Balance

At this Rancho Penasquitos Preschool, we strike a balance between academics and play. Although our preschoolers are taught how to read, write and do math, we realize that they are still very young and do need lots of playtime. We spend time outdoors every day. We have lots of activities that encourage creative and imaginative play, and we encourage the preschoolers to move around outdoors.

Preschool Rancho Penasquitos – Finding the right balance

At this unique Preschool in Rancho Penasquitos we take an eclectic approach to your preschooler’s education. In other words, we take the best from a variety of programs and methods, and use what we find works well with young children. We have many Montessori materials, but we also use a myriad of other materials for each preschooler.

Teaching Responsibility

Even very young children can be taught responsibility. At this preschool in Rancho Penasquitos we teach children how to look after the materials they use, how to treat the materials with respect, and how to put the materials away once they have finished using them. The classroom is organized and structured, with each item having its own place. This way children are easily able to return items they have used. This gives children a sense of accomplishment, and also prevents preschooler’s from becoming overwhelmed with too many things to put away at one time. When preschoolers see their peers cleaning up with no fuss, they are encouraged to do the same. Cleaning up and tidying become part of the preschooler’s routine.

Treating Materials with Respect

Young children are taught how to treat materials gently and respectfully at this Rancho Penasquitos Preschool. They are taught how to turn pages of books without tearing the pages and they are taught how to return books to the book rack. This fosters independence because once they have learned what to do preschoolers are able to work independently. Once they are able to work independently they have access to a myriad of different materials which they can then freely explore.