Preschool and Elementary School Curriculum

At Real Education Enrichment Academy & Family Daycare some of the many exercises we provide are cutting, pouring, sweeping, lacing, threading, sorting, zipping, buckling, buttoning, using tongs, squeezing, and opening and closing. All these exercises are aimed at preparing the preschool child for reading and writing. These exercises are aimed at developing the concentration of the preschool child, as well as improving the preschooler’s fine motor coordination as well as his attention to detail. We also teach colors, numbers and shapes to our preschool and daycare children.

Preschool Math Curriculum

Our preschool math curriculum uses manipulatives (concrete materials) such as cuisennaire rods, as well as many Montessori materials such as sandpaper numbers, number rods and goldenrod beads. We also do a lot of number line work in order to develop a strong number concept. Preschoolers work at their own pace, and are never held back because of their age. Young preschool children are often able to master kindergarten, first and second grade concepts before they enter first grade. Numbers are also reinforced during our preschool circle time when we have a brief discussion about the calendar.

Language Curriculum

Our language curriculum is designed to foster strong verbal expression and develop a rich vocabulary for all our preschool children. The language curriculum includes story-telling and also expression through the use of puppets. Many different stories and poems are read to the preschool children. Preschoolers are encouraged to tell stories and present their own puppet shows. Preschoolers are also taught phonics and reading as soon as they are ready for this.

Science Curriculum

Our preschool science curriculum includes learning about plants and how and where they grow, the human body, personal hygiene, farm animals, insects, magnets, and more.

We teach preschoolers respect for themselves and others by teaching manners and gentle behaviors.

Our preschool program also includes music and movement, geography, cooking and baking.

Preschool children work and learn at their own pace in a loving and nurturing pressure-free daycare environment.

Music Curriculum

Music Curriculum

We teach children:

Positive communication with their peers

Parents can rest assured that their children will receive a quality education as well as quality care.