Sam A. – Houtson, TX

By far the BEST preschool my 5 year old has been to. He only attended this school for 4 months as we had to move to Texas, so we had to leave this school unfortunately. He was going to a montessori school before where he wasn’t learning much and was lagging behind in his reading and maths. Ms. Eleanor and Ms. Misty worked hard with him and I can really see a difference in only such a short time. Its a great home school, with a very neat and clean home like environment. Both the teachers give individual attention to every kid and work with them as per the child’s requirement. Its rare to find such a school with a low student to teacher ratio where the emphasis is really on the child’s education, and not only on doing business. 
They also work a lot on social skills and manners. And then there are some great extra curricular activities and educational field trips as well. 
Ms. Eleanor is a very experienced teacher and very nice and reasonable to deal with as well. I would highly recommend this school to any parent who are really looking for a place where their child can actually learn.