Priya N. – San Diego, S.A

I wanted to write this review a long time ago but got to my to do list to this one now.
I can not thanks craigslist enough where i found out about this school.When i first met Miss Eleanor  i knew this was it, and frankly i never searched for a school after that.Few points why i choose REEA over lots of small and big Montessori school…
1I burnt my hand with another Montessori school before i started with REEA.
2 Miss Eleanor has 15+ years experience being a teacher. i could see love pouring out when she spoke to my son.
3 Small set up for kids aged 2-5 years where they get individual attention.
4 No rush for any activity.
5 Kids work at there own sweet pace and learn a lot.
6 Very neat clean and organized place.
7 I love all the material games and tool  she used (mixture of Montessori and non Montessori).Which gives kids a variety and they dont get bored.

My son was so excited every single day to go to Miss Eleanor’s school unlike his previous school. This was just mainly becoz he was getting so much love and attention from his teacher. She know how to discipline the kids with so much patience and love.Her constant sweet reminders helped kids to know the rules and to follow them every day. My son never use to put any toy or book or things at his right place after he was done playing or reading but we saw this change after we started him at REEA.

The other most important thing worth mentioning is the love for reading that Miss Eleanor has. The collection of books and the way she reads, kids get so engrossed and develop a natural love to read.She sure is a reading specialist.

She works hard with kids and communicate with parents on a regular basis.We love her and will always recommend her school to all friends.