Kristina R. – San Diego, C.A

I couldn’t imagine ever sending my children to any other preschool, that is how amazing Miss Eleanor’s Real Education Enrichment Academy is. My oldest started attending shortly after turning 4 and the educational leaps and bounds she made in the first three months alone were incredible. My second daughter started last year at 3 years old and is also thriving and rocketing forward with the love of learning fostered at this wonderful preschool. 

The student to teacher ratio is low and one of the reasons all the children have such success as they get so much focused attention and instruction. I have gone on multiple field trips with the class and we always get such glowing compliments from staff and other adults at how well behaved and knowledgeable the children are at such a young age. This is because Miss Eleanor’s vast education experience allows her to incorporate so many key child development necessities that guide these children in more than just academics. 

My oldest, having recently turned 5, is reading, writing, and doing math; she uses these skills even while home and begs to go back to school. My children actually become saddened as the weekend approaches as they want to go to school and learn with Miss Eleanor and Miss Misty every single day. I can never say enough about this school, from the first tour and meeting with Miss Eleanor, I knew I wasn’t going to find a better preschool. My children are not only building a strong educational foundation but also one that is rich, varied, and advanced.