Noelle B. – San Diego, CA

I can’t speak highly enough of Miss Eleanor and the fabulous preschool she has set up for herself in her home. My daughter started attending her school at the age of 3 and loved going there. So much so that when she started Transitional Kindergarten at a public school we still had her going to REEA for two afternoons a week. We used to joke and say that TK was for the arts/crafts and for getting used to all the dynamics of being in a big classroom, while going to REEA in the afternoons was for the real educational aspect. Miss Eleanor taught my daughter to read and do math and once she graduated from this preschool she was reading and doing math at a first grade level.

Now my son attends REEA and loves going every single day. It makes me sad to think that he too will be graduating her school this summer. He loves working with Miss Eleanor and her assistant Miss Misty. He is learning how to read and he is doing great in math. I love pulling into her driveway a few minutes before pick-up time and seeing all the kids play in the yard and hearing my son laugh with all his preschool buddies.

Besides reading and math Miss Eleanor does so many other things with the kids. Each school year she spends the first several weeks getting to know the kids and teaching the kids social skills, like how to treat and respect each other and how to communicate with each other. It takes time to set these ground rules but once the kids are familiar with these basics things really do run smoothly. The kids get along great and they have a lot of fun.

Miss Eleanor teaches the kids about the calendar, weather/seasons, colors, shapes, holidays, money, and more. She does units on families, dinosaurs and plant life and usually tries to finish off a unit with a field trip to i.e. Helen Woodward Animal Center, Roynon museum, a fire station, the Flower Fields or Bates Nut Farm. Additionally she has different people come into her school to teach the kids art class, music class or yoga.

The student teacher ratio can’t be beat: currently it’s 2 teachers to 7 kids max. Her children learn to work in groups but also have their own work mats where they work by themselves.

She is sensitive to any allergies kids may have and whether they still need naps or not. She’s great at communicating with the parents and truly cares for all her preschool kids. 

If you’re looking for a preschool for your little one please check out her school. You will not regret it.