The Importance of Reading to Preschoolers

At Real Education Enrichment Academy & Family Daycare we strive to make reading an integral part of the preschooler’s daily routine. We foster a love of reading and encourage preschoolers to enjoy looking through books on their own after they have been read to. We also encourage parents to read to their preschoolers every day

There are many, many reasons why it is important to read to preschoolers. Here are some of them:

  • Reading to your preschooler builds a strong relationship between parent and child. It is a special time for a parent to relax with his/her child and snuggle together to enjoy a good story. With everyone’s busy and rushed lives, snuggling with your child is a perfect time for everyone to relax and end the day.
  • Reading to your preschooler helps to build his/her vocabulary and language skills.
  • Reading to your preschooler helps to build a mastery of language comprehension, as well as foster skills for the preschooler to predict what will happen.
  • Reading to your preschooler helps the child to hear language fluency and intonation.
  • Preschoolers love to hear rhyme and rhythm. This is important for them to hear so that they can become fluent readers.
  • Reading to preschoolers helps to develop their concentration abilities.
  • Reading to preschoolers teaches them about the world around them and helps to improve their general knowledge.
  • Reading also helps preschoolers to develop empathy for other people and also for animals.
  • Reading helps to develop a preschooler’s imagination.
  • Childrens’ books often contain bold, bright illustrations. Preschoolers love to look at beautifully illustrated books. This helps to foster a love of books and reading.
The Importance of Reading to Preschoolers

Finally, reading to preschoolers should be FUN for everyone!

Children of all ages love being read to. Don’t stop reading to your child once he/she is able to read independently