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Preschool Education Is Important for Young Children

Real Education Enrichment Academy and Family Day Care offers a quality preschool education, as well as a loving, nurturing daycare environment. Parent advisor, Kathleen McCortney, PHD, dean of Harvard Graduate School of Education states that, “There's increasing evidence that children gain a lot from going to preschool."

Children who attend Real Education Enrichment Academy & Family Day care will enjoy an excellent preschool education. Preschoolers will be equipped with an extremely strong foundation in reading, language and math, as well as a rich vocabulary. At Real Education Enrichment Academy & Family Daycare we foster a love of reading and learning. Your preschooler will be read to several times each day and learn to love books.

At Real Education Enrichment Academy and Family Day care, children will be provided with a healthy, loving, and nurturing environment. Children will be taught to work independently in a
structured, ordered and secure environment. This type of environment will ensure growth, as well as a positive learning experience for your child.

Preschool Education

Your child will be provided with an exclusive, small family type environment. Your child will be given the opportunity to work independently, yet also learn to socialize with peers. Your child will benefit from various learning modalities occurring in a small and cozy environment.

Your child will be assisted in the development of cognitive and spatial skills as well as gross and fine motor skills. If the child stays at Real Education Enrichment Academy and Family Daycare through the end of kindergarten, he/she will be extremely well prepared to enter any first grade classroom.

All materials used at Real Education Enrichment Academy and Family Daycare are for the purpose of preparing the child for learning. The carefully prepared environment will enable the child to develop confidence. This environment allows for a positive learning experience.

The child will be encouraged to participate in 'musical activities, drama, movement, and creative work and play. Participation in sharing stories and experiences will be encouraged. The
curriculum will be tailored to the needs of each child. Therefore each child is able to work at his own pace in a pressure-free environment.

Parents can rest assured that their children will receive a quality education as well as quality care.