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Eleanor Lopato

Degreed, Certified Teacher
20 Years Experience in
Elementary School Teaching
LIC #376623253

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Real Education Academy Testimonials

"Real Education has been a huge success for my children in regards to building self-esteem, confidence, and by creating an environment which promotes academic success. I sought out Real Education when my children's elementary school chose to characterize them as having a reading disorder or not being mature enough for kindergarten. Both of these characterizations were untrue. My children were eager to learn and Real Education helped them to realize their abilities and strengths in reading, writing, and arithmetic. As a result of the foundation provided by real Education, my children are happy and academically strong today. I am proud to be an advocate of Real Education. The support and encouragement that was provided to me and my children is valuable beyond compare." 
Donna S.

"I couldn't have found a more perfect learming environment for my kids. Real Education Enrichment Academy is the perfect balance between academics & play. From day one, my shy toddler has been so excited about going to this school. In the short time that both of my kids have been attending, I can see great progress in my older one's reading skills, and it's a joy to hear my timid 3 year old express himself using more complex sentences, reciting a poem he was read to in class, or singing a new song he learned. What you get is the organization, purpose, & quality teacher & curriculum of a big school in a small daycare environment that offers great teacher to student ratio, resulting in the fact that my children are always engaged. I highly encourage parents to visit the school to see the clean, cheerful classroom stocked with countless picture books & well-made toys that encourage learning. My kids have access to various activities throughout the day: from puzzles to props for pretend play to paints. Mrs. Lopato is so enthusiastic & knowledgeable, and I'm always informed about my children's progress. Even my two year old is looking forward to going to school there."
Lan N.

Our 4 year old daughter attends Real Education Enrichment Academy, and we are so thrilled to have found such an amazing preschool in Rancho Penasquitos. It is very different from traditional preschools. It is a home-based (non-Christian) preschool with low student-teacher ratio (currently 5:1). Eleanor (the preschool teacher/ owner) has taught and tutored for over 15 years, and her school, Real Education Enrichment Academy, has many of the qualities we loved (home-based, one-on-one instruction, small student-teacher ratio, and balance of academics and play). She blends the best of Montessori and non-Montessori educational tools and games from around the world and provides group and individualized instruction based on each child's capability and needs (math, reading, writing, fine motor skills, etc). She also emphasizes on manners, social skills, respect for one another and respect for school items (books, school supplies, toys, etc). Because Eleanor is a reading specialist, she also shares her love for reading with her children and helps the children with their early-reading and phonics skills. We've recommended this school to several of our friends and 3 of them enrolled their children after their first visit to Real Education Enrichment Academy (they were very impressed with Eleanor and her school). Our daughter just loves going to Real Education Enrichment Academy and loves Miss Eleanor.

K.C. San Diego