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Eleanor Lopato

Degreed, Certified Teacher
20 Years Experience in
Elementary School Teaching
LIC #376623253

Mon-Fri 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM




Lan N. Testimonial

"I couldn't have found a more perfect learming environment for my kids. Real Education Enrichment Academy is the perfect balance between academics & play. From day one, my shy toddler has been so excited about going to this school. In the short time that both of my kids have been attending, I can see great progress in my older one's reading skills, and it's a joy to hear my timid 3 year old express himself using more complex sentences, reciting a poem he was read to in class, or singing a new song he learned. What you get is the organization, purpose, & quality teacher & curriculum of a big school in a small daycare environment that offers great teacher to student ratio, resulting in the fact that my children are always engaged. I highly encourage parents to visit the school to see the clean, cheerful classroom stocked with countless picture books & well-made toys that encourage learning. My kids have access to various activities throughout the day: from puzzles to props for pretend play to paints. Mrs. Lopato is so enthusiastic & knowledgeable, and I'm always informed about my children's progress. Even my two year old is looking forward to going to school there."
Lan N.